Covid-19 TEMPORARY Operating Hours:


7:30am- 5:30pm


NO new clients will be enrolled during this time to allow us to follow social distancing guidelines.

ALL cleaning and disinfecting protocols will be highly maintained, 

no person-to-person contact will occur between staff shifts.

CURBSIDE service is available for drop off and pick up. 

Animal Care and Custody businesses are considered essential support services and are allowed to be open for business under the Agricultural section of MA essential services guidelines, as long as social distancing protocols are maintained by the facility. 


Welcome to K9Capers Day Center for Dogs! 

Our center provides a relaxed social environment for dogs and puppies to bond and develop their social skills in an off-leash group setting.   Long-term behavior and social skills are the ultimate goal for our center, so weekly visits are required.  We do not provide temporary or occasional use daycare.  Since the playgroup participants are familiar with one another, everyone knows what to expect and has the opportunity to form deep friendships.

The typical day at K9Capers has a structured routine, from morning greetings to nap & snack time, to training sessions and the end of the day 'hanging out.'   In order for dogs to experience the full benefits of what our day center can provide, we offer only full-day rates.    Included in our rate are training exercises to address:  house-training, sitting for rewards, attention training, coming when called, waiting at gates and doors, and crate training.

Exercise and short play-times are beneficial to dogs, but our program focusses on long-term social development.  We feel that the optimum environment to fulfill that goal is one where the dogs not only play together but rest together, train together, work together, and feel a deep satisfaction of being part of a family-like group.

At K9Capers your dogs are always directly supervised by trained staff, and enjoy the comforts of a secure indoor and outdoor facility.  Groups are carefully arranged by playstyle and activity level to give each dog the optimum social environment for their individual needs. 

To learn more about K9Capers, please browse our website and take a look at our pictures.  If this looks like the type of day center you would like your dog to experience, please contact us for an application packet!


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